Chinese Lantern Festival

Here again. ! Time to Chinese Lantern Festival

It is considered as the first most important festival in China, during every especially in some traditional regions like my hometown “Swatow”, in the east of Guangdong Province. By the way we speak Teochaw here, our special dialect, which is spoken quite widely around the world, especially in many China-town in foreign countries and many countries in south est Asia.


Different regions and cultures in China celebrate this festival with different traditions. I think no one can fully know them all. Here I only share some key tradition with u:


We can never forget an abundant diner, gathering all family. And lot people eat Yuanxiao, a special sweet dumpling. It’s filling is made of white sugar, rose petals, sesame,  sweetened bean paste, walnuts, nuts, jujube paste, etc., then using glutinous flour to wrap round. (Actually, the fillings  can be adapted to your own taste)  We can steam, deep-fry or soup. It symbolizes family unity, completeness and happiness.


Watching lanterns

In big cities and small towns, people gather to attend temple fairs, where beautiful lanterns, funny lantern riddles, fireworks create harmony and crowned scenes.


Art activities

Some area will have dragon dance and lion dance, jumping exorcisement fire (for safety and luck), singing Chinese or local opera, etc. to enrich the special night.

Of course there are still many of them. If you can come to China and discover by yourself, it will never disappoint you.

Wish u all the best during 2017 and talk soon~ I m going to eat Yuanxiao~~

Suey. X