Hello never too late

I had a blog in Chinese when i was in middle school, when everyone was writing his/her own blog. I believe at that time my intention was more becoming famous on social media than sharing own opinion.

After backing to China from my studies in France and working in fashion and lifestyle industry with lot of foreigners, I do believe many foreign friends have some wrong opinion or misunderstanding about China, some due to press leading.

Here, I d like to share some Chinese little life with you. No matter how many readers or friends i can have here, it’s really a great time to spend some time record real life about China here and talk to you who are interested in and would like to know more about China.

Well, or maybe I will share something about my little life also.

PS: I ve thought about to write in French also, but since English will be more widely understood, I choose English as major language to publish. I will also write in French if i can not stop my enthusiasm of this beautiful language — French!!

Good to start..Talk to u soon!!

You can also contact me by xu_suey@yahoo.com or Instagram: Sueyxu  .


Suey. X




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